Grief Cottage

Gail Godwin, 2017
Gail Godwin’s new novel is part coming-of-age story, part ghost story. Eleven year-old Marcus goes to live with his great aunt, Charlotte, an artist who lives on a small South Carolina island.  Marcus is highly intelligent ,extremely observant and possesses a vivid imagination.  Charlotte, a self-taught painter, recounts the history of an abandoned cabin on the North End.  Her nephew is fascinated by the dreadful story of an entire family, including a youngster, who perished years ago during a hurricane.  Marcus visits the “Grief Cottage” each day.  Eventually, he believes he sees the ghost of the drowned boy.  This discovery both excites and terrifies him. Grief Cottage follows Marcus through adulthood and touches the reader with an unsentimental investigation of grief, remorse and hidden memories.

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